Something you probably didn’t know about me – I am in the business of inventing insane things like self-shearing sheep.

Well, not exactly…But here’s the thing; we are living in a time when it seems like every fathomable business idea has already been fathomed!

The world has been overrun with every conceivable gadget and service known to man, and social media ensures that we are dutifully beaten over the head with these on a daily basis.

I liken it to the kid on the pony scenario; If you stick a kid on a horse that won’t go, and the kid continually flaps it’s legs in an effort to get a response, what eventually happens? The horse becomes immune to the kids feeble attempts at delivering a message!

The same can be said for most forms of digital marketing today. Your customers are unfortunately becoming numb to the constant attempts to “sell them something”.

For those of us seeking to embark on a new business venture or to ramp up an existing one, this realisation can be not only daunting in the sense that we now have to find a way to break through the ‘numbness’ to get our message across, but it’s frankly also downright disheartening.

What then do we do?

We must really start to think outside of the box and beyond the confines of our relevant market.

We must look at the flock of sheep and find the self-shearing one. The one that is going to turn the market upside down and give it a good shake up.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be with a groundbreaking new product or service either – it can be simply in the way you promote your business and the customer experience that you create.

One classic example of this came from a business operating in the United States of America called Two Maids and a Mop; basically a glorified home cleaning service who actually openly prides themselves on bringing huge disruption to their industry.

These guys rolled out a ‘pay for performance’ system where a customer will rate their level of satisfaction of the cleaning job done on their home on a simple scale from 1-10.

This rating directly determines the compensation level paid to the employees that are responsible for cleaning a customer’s home.

That’s right, what these employees get paid relies solely on customer satisfaction and feedback!

Granted, it’s a little risky! Of course, there are obviously regulations in place to rule out any foul play. But from a marketing level, it’s game changing!

Gone are the days of one sized marketing fits all.

This is why at TPH we work to develop a personal relationship with our clients, so that we can find their unique point of difference, their self-shearing sheep, and use it to help them to really stand out from the competition.

If you would like TPH to assist you in finding your point of difference and to find ways to then really make it shine in an already flooded marketplace, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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